Kumarhatti Teh & Distt Solan - 173229
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Developing a D.A.V Personality  
Hostel has a common recreation room for games and leisure which is equipped with a colour TV, DVD player and Music System. Prep rooms are also attached with Hostel where supervised study and night preps are held.
The House system allows the highest degree of personal counselling and guidance by the House Master and House Mistress who are aided by tutors. House Master and House Mistress are always available to discuss the progress & development of any child.
The school has Environment & Nature Study Club and Science Club which are run by students under the guidance of resident teachers. We wish to utilize spare time to foster leisure hour habits through activities of various kinds. Various clubs meet regularly. Work Experience, Art Education, Physical Health Education programmes are carried as in the timetable & outside under the supervision of Specialised Teachers. This help plays as important part in the lives of students in developing rhythm, aesthetic appreciation and self-confidence. At D.A.V. we consider peronality development of our students to be a major area of work.
When they complete their school carreers, they will have developed a sense of aesthetics, better than average understanding of their fellow humans, and a healthy spirit of adventure and competition due to wholeheated interaction with the co-curricular programme.