Kumarhatti Teh & Distt Solan - 173229
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Aims And Objectives  

Inoculation of traits of "Generosity, Thoughtfulness, Happiness, Contentment, Beauty and Humour, Moral and Ethical values while eradicating the evils of Oppression, Grief, Bitterness and Rancour" in the students.
  • To Provide modern and progressive educational facilities at a reasonable cost.
  • To inculcate cultural values in the students.
  • To rear consious and responsible citizen with a healthy spirit of nationalism, adventure and exploration.
  •  To guide children to develop physically and intellectually and mould them into good citizens so that they can contribute towards the development of  our nation.
  • To Facilitate students with the most modern and upto-date teaching.
  • All round development of the students through discipline oriented approach.