Kumarhatti Teh & Distt Solan - 173229
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Teaching Staff  
SN Name of the Teachers (in Capital latter) Designation Sex/Male/Female Highest Qualification Experience           (in Years) Classes Subject  teaching Status  (i.e.)
        Academic Professional       (Adhoc / Probation/ Confirmed 
1 Mr. H.C. Sirkeck Principal M M.A B.Ed 24   English Confirmed
2 Mr. Jasbinder Singh PRT (Art & Craft) M 10+2 BFA 20 VI to X Art and Craft and Computer Confirmed
3 Mr. Rajesh Kumar TGT (Maths) M M.Sc. M.Ed 9 VIII to XII Maths Confirmed
4 Mrs. Seema Sharma Computer Teacher F B.A. B.A. Dip. in Comp. 15 Nur to V Computer Confirmed
5 Mrs. Monika Thakur PRT (Maths)  F B.Sc B,Ed 13 II to V Maths Confirmed
6 Mrs. Mohini Sharma TGT (Hindi) F M.A. B,Ed 16 VI to X Hindi Confirmed
7 Ms. Preeti Bhardwaj TGT (English) F M.A. B,Ed 12 IX to XII English Confirmed
8 Mr. Anil Kumar Sanskrit Teacher M B.A. Acharya 9 I to X D.S. and Sanskrit Confirmed
9 Mrs. Reena Sharma PRT (Science) F B,Sc B,Ed 9 II to V Science Adhoc
10 Mr. Harish Bhardwaj TGT (Science) M B,Sc B,Ed 5 VI to X Science Adhoc
11 Mrs. Anjana Sharma PGT (Accountancy) F M.Com B.Ed 3 XI-XII Accountancy Adhoc
12 Mr. Bhupinder Singh PGT (Eco.) M M.A. B,Ed 13 VI-XII Maths & ECO Adhoc
13 Mr. Kishor Kumar PRT (S.St) M M.A. B,Ed 9 II to V S.St Probation
14 Mrs. Prem Lata Chauhan PRT F M.A. B,Ed 18 Nur All Subjects Adhoc
15 Mrs. Babita Tungal PRT (Hindi) F B.A. B,Ed 4 II to V Hindi Adhoc
16 Mrs. Monika Verma NTT F M.A. B,Ed 14 KG All Subjects Adhoc
17 Mrs. Neena Gupta NTT F B.A. B,Ed 9 KG All Subjects Adhoc
18 Ms. Pratibha Sharma PRT F B.A.  B,Ed 2 I All Subjects Adhoc
19 Mr. Manoj Chandel PET M M.Ped M. PEd 8 I to X Physical Education Probation
20 Ms. Neeta Devi PRT F B.A. B.Ed 8 Nur All Subjects Adhoc
21 Mrs. Shruti Sabharwal TGT F M.B.A. B.Ed 5 VI to VIII English Adhoc
22 Mr. Anup Kumar Sharma TGT M M.A. B.Ed 1 VI to X Social Science Adhoc
23 Mrs. Meenakshi Sharma PRT F M.A B.Ed 5 II to V English Adhoc
24 Ruchi Shandilya PRT F M.A. B.Ed 3 II All Subjects Adhoc
25 Mr. Varun Makhaik Warden cum Art & Craft tr. M Dip. In Art & Craft   8 Months I to V Art and Craft  Adhoc
26 Mr. Yadvender Singh Assistant M M.Com   10     Confirmed
27 Mr. Suman Sirkeck Cleark M B.A.   4 Months     Adhoc
28 Mr. Bhag Chand Peon M X   14     Confirmed
29 Mr. Bhim Dutt Gardner M V   14     Confirmed
30 Mr. Duni Chand Driver M X   19     Confirmed
31 Mrs. Roopa Devi Sweeper F X   19     Confirmed
32 Mrs. Deepkala Ayah F V   19     Confirmed
33 Mrs. Lajwanti Sweeper F Illiterate   19     Adhoc
34 Mr. Jai Prakash Chowki M X   18     Adhoc
35 Mr. Ramesh Chand Cook M XII   9     Adhoc
36 Mr. Ved Prakash Peon M VIII   4     Adhoc
37 Mr. Nanak Chand Thakur Peon M X   2     Adhoc
38 Mr. Rajinder Kumar Driver M X   2     Adhoc
39 Mr. Dalbir Singh Peon M X   5     Adhoc
40 Mrs. Anita Sweeper F Illiterate   4     Adhoc